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Proposal Ideas Best Left Undone

The anticipation builds and you’re devoted to make this moment happen. You’re taking your girlfriend out somewhere, be it a nice restaurant, a dance club; maybe even a simple stroll in the park is more yours and her speed. That’s when the plan is set into movement, so nothing can possibly go wrong, can it? Well, sometimes even the most fool-proof of ideas, seemingly iron-clad and unable to be permeated, has a weak spot that can be exploited. To avoid any sort of accident, there are proposal ideas that should be prevented more than wedding dresses passed down from your girlfriend’s grandmother.

On the surface, the idea of seeding an engagement ring in a piece of food sounds novel, albeit somewhat cliche. However, there is far too much of a risk than what a love-struck person can comprehend with extravagant proposal ideas. Placing a ring inside of a cake’s frosting might seem like a nice surprise when she picks it out to see what it is, but what happens when the surprise isn’t so nice? No matter how much love there might be between couples there is no reason that any out of a list of proposal ideas has to end with a trip to the hospital and hundreds of dollars down the gullet.

Public proposals might seem like overly intimate ideas as well, since comedy flicks such as “Anger Management” made them out to be attractive. However, the one obstacle that gets in the way of this idea is the lack of message. What if the girl isn’t ready to test wedding dresses yet and isn’t set for such a great commitment? A public rejection might be funny to vicious people who receive joy out of seeing failure but imagine the relationship after that point, filled with tension and awkwardness waiting to be addressed.

What about putting extra supplies into the most perfect proposal, only for the idea to tank faster than a rock in a river? Envision, if you will, putting money into a radio station in order for a wedding proposal to pass through the airwaves. You are with your loved one, listening to the station in your car as the both of you are parked near the water for the nice view. Just as the proposal is about to be aired, as scheduled, the station goes fuzzy before it eventually shuts out. An idea falls flat on its face and whatever money has been put in would have just as well been thrown in the garbage.

Proposal ideas don’t have to be dangerous, if more subtle ideas are implemented and more extravagant ideas are best left for TV and movies. The ones that are done to gain popularity on a wider scale have more risk involved, such as a ring being swallowed along with dessert to give the meal a disastrous end. There also has to be a clear indication that there are equal feelings on both sides, lest the proposer suffers embarrassment. Outside forces can also work against the proposer, such as a radio signal being lost before the question, “will you marry me,” is asked.

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Rob Sutter