Posted March 20, 2012 by Daniel Delgado in Wedding Rings

Proposal Planning and Why It’s a Brilliant Idea

If you’re like me you probably never ever heard of a proposal planner. I didn’t even know a employment opportunity like that existed. Proposal planners essentially help you plan out your proposal so it’s organized and effective. So before your partner is worrying about wedding dresses and such you hire a proposal planner and they guide you through the process which can be a huge relief especially for the person proposing.

Hiring a proposal planner is one of the greatest things you can do when you are ready to actually propose to your partner. I’m sure you have heard the sad statistic that the majority of women aren’t happy with their own marriage proposal. Of course the media doesn’t help anybody because every time you examine the paper or watch TV you hear about some crazy proposal like at a concert or at a sporting event. All this does is put more pressure on your own proposal which basically stresses you out.

It doesn’t cease there either. You also acquire a ton of viral videos showing proposal failures which would terrify any man that was about to pop the question; personally, seeing those videos frighten me. That’s my largest fear being rejected. I would personally consider hiring a proposal planners. They can help me eliminate that unnecessary stress that comes with the proposal.

The first job of a proposal planner is make sure that you give your girlfriend the proposal of a lifetime without dealing with the stress that normally accompanies an important day like that . It’s common when your preparing to propose to be so thrilled that you forget a few things that can make the message your trying convey get distorted. That’s why a proposal planner is such a great idea they help you through this process by keeping you organized. That way, on the day you choose to propose, everything comes out perfectly.

Proposal planners can help tremendously through this process. They can help you build the self-assurance needed to make that proposal. They also aid you organize yourself so you do not forget something that needs to be said when you do propose. Remember a majority of women aren’t content with their proposals. That’s why you should prevent being that statistic and make sure you make your proposal a home run. This way, when she is shopping for wedding dresses, she can brag to everyone and have a great story to tell.

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Daniel Delgado