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Proposals and Wedding Dresses Fit for a Princess

Everyone loves the old fashioned fairytales and Disney princesses. We were raised with those stories and we read about how each princess finds her prince and how they fall in love, but how come we never get to learn more? I surely would like to know when the prince decides how to propose, and what the wedding was like. Even more, I’d like to see what kinds of wedding dresses these princesses wore. These are the major things in life, you know?

When you think of a princess, most people’s first thought is Cinderella. She is one of the classic and most loved Disney princesses. I would assume that Prince Charming proposed to her with much aid from the fairy god mother, perhaps in a pumpkin patch full of crystal pumpkins. I also imagine Cinderella wearing a wedding dress in the style of a ball gown; the bodice would have a sweetheart neckline, embellished with hundreds of Swarovski crystals. The skirt would be a beautiful bell of tulle, embedded with sparkles that glistened with each step down the aisle. Of course she would be donning a magnificent tiara as well.

Another favorite princess is Ariel or more well known as The Little Mermaid. Prince Eric seemed to be a relatively romantic guy, so he probably knew how to propose to Ariel in a sentimental way, making sure to include details about what brought them together. We don’t get to see that, but the movie actually shows Ariel in a wedding dress on their big day. I, however, think they got it all wrong. The style of the dress should not have been poofy shouldered ball gown. A mermaid dress would be much more ideal and flattering, accented with crystals and made of a material that would flow like the sea. It would seem quite obvious because after all, she is, or previously was, a mermaid.

Jasmine is a very unique princess from the tale of Aladdin. Aladdin, although not a true prince, was quite good at making her fall in love with him. I mean, who could really resist a magic carpet ride all over the world in just one night? He would have to do something pretty dazzling when he proposed in order to top that. Jasmine is a very exotic princess from the Middle East, so her wedding dress would be quite distinctive. I could see her wearing a goddess-like dress that makes a statement. It would be fitted and sleek, with maybe a halter neckline encrusted in gems. Princess Jasmine would be quite the sight for sore eyes.

These are just a couple of of the many princesses we love so dear. Just think of how different each princess is and what their wedding dresses would look like. Maybe it’s a good thing that Disney left these details out because it empowers us to let our imaginations run wild. When it’s your turn to get married and you’re eager to start dress shopping, try to think of which princess you identify best with and take inspiration from there.

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Jessica DeAngelis