Posted March 21, 2012 by Robert Mitchell in Marriage

Record Phone Call To Get The Lead In Your Divorce Case

Not any other time in your life is quite as erratic as during the divorce. You will probably find that your spouse is likely to ask for much more as compared to his or her fair share or maybe you may find that your husband or wife is going to ask for total custody of your youngsters when the entire purpose you’re divorcing them to start with is that they have a medicine or alcohol problem, anger issues or in any manner closeted behavior that isn’t commonly known by the community at large. As an alternative to making it a “he said, she said” kind of issue in the courtroom, get your spouse chatting on the phone and get them to discuss their issues and whenever you do – record phone call.

Your estranged spouse knows that you’re no dummy so he or she may avoid speaking to you on the land line for fear that you’ll record the calls, did you know you can record land line calls as easily as record cell phone calls with a teeny tiny cell phone recorder?

The FSV-510 Plus is a phone recorder that is only slightly bigger than a disposable lighter and it comes with all the accessories that you will need to record phone calls of your home and cell phone calls. No matter how technologically challenged you feel you are, it only takes about 30 seconds to get going with this recorder. Just plug it in and when you pick up the phone, hit the record button or if you want you can set the recorder to automatically record every phone call that comes in. There are no beeps, clicks or any other noise heard by you or the party being recorded – this phone recorder is stealth and undetectable.

Included in this package is a universal cell phone adapter that will allow you to record any cell phone call. Should your ex make it a point to only talk to you on the cell, you can get every word they say on tape and use it as you feel necessary. If your ex has threatened you, your kids or your property in a fit of anger, you can now make it known to the courts and let their own words say it all. If you need to find a particular message in a hurry, the fast message search makes it easy to get to the message you want to play.

If you are ready to get the advantage in your divorce procedures, protect yourself from getting your words repeated improperly and don’t allow lies be told with regards to you in court – make use of a cell phone recorder and ensure that every word that’s spoken is presented accurately and honestly. It will allow you to maintain control of your separation and divorce proceedings and prevent incorrect information or downright lies from destroying your case.

Utilize a digital phone recorder so you can get your spouse confessing to their problems so you can use this recording to have the upper hand in your divorce. With this type of recorder you can even record cell phone conversations.

Robert Mitchell