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Retrieving Marriage Florida Marriage Records Information

Florida Marriage Records are considered as public records. The county’s newspaper would usually announce marriage within the community. Marriage information is also available and can be found in the registry of a church, bibles of families and through a county’s marriage book.

Marriage records are accessed by many for several reasons. Genealogy is the common reason for searching marriage details. By doing this, one would be able to know the history of their family. Additionally, accessing these records is commonly done by those who plan to marry again after a failed relationship. Some would even use it to look for prospects for partner or spouse who is not related to their family.

A marriage record contains general information about the union of two people. It also contains details of the marriage such as the name of the bride and groom along with the date and the place of marriage. The state of Florida includes the names of the parents of the newlywed together with the names of the witnesses in the marriage record.

In Florida, Licenses that were issued before June 6, 1927 can be obtained in the office of the Clerk on each county. Marriages that were issued after that date up to present can be accessed at the Florida’s Office of the Department of health, Bureau of Vital Statistics. The Office has kept records that have been dated for over centuries.

Searching for marriage information in Florida has no restrictions. However a fee of $5.00 will be asked by the office in order to process the retrieval of the record. A $4.00 fee will be needed for the retrieval of an additional license of the same record when the request has been done simultaneously. The processing period would run for about three weeks but one can request to have it done in three days for a certain fee. Printing of the record needs another set of payment. There is no refund or return policy implemented by the office for unrecovered information.

Searching for a marriage record may consume a lot of time. If you search for a record that is outside Florida, it would even take much longer to look for the information. The internet has made searching for this information faster and cost effective. With just one click you would be able to see the information that you need. You also have the option to search for basic information which can be done for free. Detailed information on a marriage can be obtained through fee based websites, such as, which also offers refunds if the record was not retrieved.

Let us help you learn the facts about Florida Marriage Records before you pick your Marriage Records online.

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