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Rustic Ann Arbor Wedding from Jeffrey Lewis Bennett

This is the kind of wedding that you just feel love pouring out of every detail – most of which were created by the lovely bride herself. The flowers somehow feel a little sweeter, the laughter is definitely a little louder, and the adoration is so beautiful, it fills Jeffrey Lewis Bennett‘s images fully. And the gallery is one of the most romantic we’ve seen in a while!

Matthew and I couldn’t have asked for a better day to celebrate the start of our new lives together. Our vision for the day was a laid-back celebration, with tons of personal touches, where we could laugh and play with all of the people we loved. It was so amazing to see our friends and family come together to pull it all off (especially because most everything was homemade). It’s in times like this that you really see how blessed you are and we will cherish those memories always. The whole day was full of sweet love, laughter and friendship… it couldn’t have been more perfect (even when the heat started melting our cake during dinner)! We put so much work into the event: from me hand designing and letter-pressing the invitations and sewing banners, to Matthew engineering cute bubble dispensers for our ceremony exit (I know, I’m a lucky girl, right?). But friends and family did so much too! I’m extremely lucky to have many talented and generous friends who took their time and energy to help (craft my veil, hairpiece and many decorations) and a mom and sisters who made the succulent and herb centerpieces and many of the other projects Matt and I couldn’t drive back from Boston. My sister, Lindsey, a talented cosmetologist and make-up artist, even did all of our hair and my makeup before the wedding as well as her own!

Our day was particularly special for us because we don’t get to see many of our friends and family often enough. We landed in Boston after graduating from the University of Cincinnati where we spent our first 3 years (of 5, so far) together. Most of our family and friends are in the Midwest, so we wanted to have our wedding in a place that was close to home. We chose Ann Arbor because of its location and friendly, eco-conscious atmosphere. Misty Farms was the perfect venue for our vision: a casual wedding with vintage touches. We actually gathered most of the wedding decorations we didn’t make from antique shops along New England and at various flea markets and thrift stores. It’s amazing what you can find, including many things we will repurpose in our new home together! The beer featured at our wedding were from breweries in Michigan and New England to symbolize our love for both locations and we tried to make environmentally friendly decisions like using compostable bamboo plates and re-purposing green bottles we used over the year as centerpieces.

I think my favorite wedding touches were the Polaroid pictures taken for our guest book, and the envelopes we have filled with letters of encouragement and advice for each of our first 15 years of marriage (one at each of our 15 tables). I can hardly wait to celebrate each anniversary and re-live our memories through the words of our loved ones!

Photography: Jeffrey Lewis Bennett / Flowers: Thrifty Florist, Ann Arbor / Event Planning & Design: The Bride / Ceremony & Reception Location: Misty Farms / Invitations: The Bride / Shoes: Circa Joan & David Luxe  / Dress: Pronovias, Rebecca / Veil: Alyssa Work / Hair pins: Justine Miller / Cake: The Gourmet Cupcake Shoppe / Groomsmen Suits: Target / Groom: Indochino / Guys Shoes: Urban Outfitters / Guys Ties: J.Crew