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Selecting A Vintage Wedding Gown For The Big Day

A pair has fallen in love and need to be married. They decide on a more normal style wedding, including the bride wearing a vintage wedding dress. Only trouble is, where and how to find that perfect vintage marriage dress.

The great facet of marriage dresses is that anything old can be new again. It looks that each year, bridal designers have this concept under consideration when creating new lines of marriage gowns. Many designers will use past examples when planning vintage wedding gowns, giving prospective brides much more of a variety to choose from.

Many brides opt to go for the more normal approach when looking for a vintage wedding gown: a genuine vintage dress. Here is where the difficult part comes in.

When choosing a vintage wedding gown, the bride-to-be has 1 or 2 factors to consider. For one, making sure that the dress looks as gorgeous on the day she wears it as it was actually the day it was originally worn. Restoring the gown to its original condition can be a discouraging job indeed.

There are many seamstresses who concentrate on vintage wedding dress design, where alterations can be made to not only resemble the original features of the vintage gown, but in addition to give the current bride a modern, contemporary look without sacrificing announced features.

The green factor is also a consideration, as it fits in wonderfully with the “reduce, reuse, recycle” concept. Selecting a dress not only saves on materials, it lets your wedding party know you’re conscious of preserving and reusing items from history, lending an air to a “green wedding”.

Common places to hunt for vintage marriage gowns can be as close as your mother’s or granny’s attic. The old practice of passing down marriage dresses is still favored today. Even though your mother or grandmama may have been a different size or shape then, alterations can still made to save the integrity of the look, and give the existing bride the look she is searching for.

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