Posted March 17, 2012 by Tony Benally in Marriage

Severe Signs of Stress and Depression

Depression can be a very real illness during midlife, so being aware of the signs of depression and paying attention to your partner’s mood may prevent further isolation in your relationship. I have made a list of some of the signs to be alerted to in the event you or your partner gets stuck in a midlife transition or crisis. This article has been shared by Courage for Today. You can find Courage for Today by searching for what is life coaching.

Performing less well at workWithdrawn and more isolatedWorries about things more than beforeMore irritable or quicker to anger than beforeComplaining more about vague physical problems

Severe signs of stress and depression especially if these have been going on for more than two weeks.

Feeling sad or unhappyHigh amounts of anxietyFatigued on daily basisDifficulties concentratingFeeling hopelessLosing involvement with activities or peopleLosing weightLoss of the desire for foodDecline in interest in sexLapses in their own hygiene, which includes not bathing or shaving as regularlyThoughts of suicide (call 911 when if in case you at any time feel like that)

Being depressed would make the transition of your passage in life more challenging. If entering into yet another stage of life causes you to feel sad or blue other than inspired and hopeful, it might be a good idea to talk to your doctor. Usually the main cause you start to feel blue isn’t given that the kids moved out, but has more to do with your hormones being low. A family doctor can explain to you whether it’s time for medication, counseling or both. The transition years should bring more enjoyment and freedom than many of us have experienced in the past. It shouldn’t end up being an era of black balloons and empty nests. Whether you face a crisis or maybe a transition in midlife has everything related to the state of your most intimate relationships during the time you enter this passage in your life. Marital counseling is usually a wonderful method to begin your midlife transition and insure that you along with your partner will transition well together.

Courage for Today works with you to clarify your goals, eliminate road blocks, and help you get un-stuck in life. As a Christian Life Coach, our goal is to help you move from where you are to where you want to be. Whether you want Life Coaching to work toward a specific goal or to improve your overall quality of life, we can help.

Tony Benally