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Should You Buy The City Select Double Stroller?

When you have very young children who are close in age, transport can be a problem. This is especially true if you enjoy outdoor activity and need to bring the children along when you go on an outing. The city select double stroller provides a handy solution to your problem by providing two safe and comfortable seats in one stroller that is easy to manage by yourself. It is manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards, has plenty of storage for bottles, diapers, toys and other accessories and a sleek appearance.

The city select double stroller offers a rear and a front seat for youngsters. The seat is less difficult to navigate than a stroller that offers side by side seating, especially when one is trying to get through narrow doorways or navigate in crowded places. Each seat can be partially reclined, making them ideal for nap time. The stroller also features adequate storage underneath. Mom and Dad can use this space for storing toys, blankets, purses or diaper bags. There model is also equipped with large rubber tires that make steering over any terrain easy, whether one is shopping at the mall or walking in the park. The stroller also features an adjustable handle so that the stroller’s height can be adjusted according to the height of the person doing the pushing. The hand brake is also a nice feature as it offers a way to control direction and speed.

Getting this stroller in and out of the car is never a hassle. Customers who have used it have reported that it easily and compactly folds when you need to store it, and expands into shape when you are unloading it from a trunk. It does not take up as much space in your car as other models. It can be stored flat, or standing up, and it slides into compact cars as easily as it fits into minivans.

A sudden change in weather is no problem because they come equipped with canopies for protection. They will provide comfortable shade in summer or protection from a sudden rain that comes out of nowhere. The canopies have a transparent window so your little one can still view the world and get the mental stimulus so important for child development.

The city select double stroller is a user-friendly model that performs adequately for caregivers and parents. The silver and black colors are neat and stylish and blend well with other child-friendly accessories. This model can be used for infants up to toddlers, and is compatible with almost all infant carriers and most car seats.

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