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Showing Ways on How to Propose

Wedding engagements are important when it comes to long-standing relationships; you want to be with the person you love for the rest of your life but you don’t want to trip up. You want to make sure that asking this paramount question goes off without a hitch. It’s just a shame that not many people know the right methods on how to propose. Many people can find out the best methods simply by watching TV, whether they realize it or not.

If you watch TV on a constant basis every day, you’ve more than likely have seen the commercials showing different vacations spots. You would commonly see couples, happy together while they’re on a yacht, a beach, or some other luxurious setting. Having people act gleefully in scenarios such as these helps to build on the idea that places like Bermuda or Hawaii are ideal vacation spots so perhaps this will spark the idea in the minds of men on how to propose; what if they were to structure an elaborate vacation to one of these places in order to ask, “Will you marry me?”

What about on TV shows that don’t expressly show how to go about an wedding engagement? A subliminal message that is as sensible as Ricky from “I Love Lucy” smoking a cigarette while keeping said cigarette dead center in the shot can be used as an example. The show can detail the endearing areas of Bermuda, for example, ranging from the clean, beautiful beaches to the vast, abundant bodies of water that only television could make look even better. When an action scene happens in one of these areas on a show, it could give a man the idea to look into vacation spots.

Television shows have shown great vacation spots for couples that might give others the idea to take a few weeks away from work to go there. In the 90’s teen sitcom, “Boy Meets World,” for example, Cory Matthews and his new wife, Topanga, made a trip to Hawaii for their honeymoon. While following scenes were comedic, Cory opening a coconut head shop while never wanting to leave, it leaves the impression that Hawaii is the perfect getaway. TV increases the best qualities of luxurious locations, which would, in turn, make them attractive to those from the outside looking in.

Television sounds like the best channel to advertise vacation spots for proposals or couples in general. Almost everyone checks out TV and, as such, is set to sit through countless ads in order to get to their program. There are times when they’ll dismiss commercials, for sure, but there are others when they will take heed to what is being shown on the screen and their interest rises. This is when the wheels start to spin and proposal ideas surface.

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Rob Sutter