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Signs To let you know if your husband is cheating – Cheating Husband Signs

After many years of marriage, most couples become used to each others’ routines and habits. But if suddenly you start to notice changes in the usual patterns you may suspect that you have a cheating husband. What signs should you look out for?

The golden excuse of cheating men is that they are working late, or something came up. If a man uses the good old working late excuse one time, chances are it could be possible. But do not become immersed in his lying ways! No man works late every single day, or uses his day off to go out to the office to check some things out. Do not be blind sighted by the classic working late excuse. Try something inventive when you call your man and he says he’s working late. Offer to bring him dinner, since the day has been so long for him. If your husband stammers and tells you not to bother something is not right.

Gather together all of your husbands pay stubs to see if there is any money that has somehow magically disappeared. Question, your husbands spending habits in a nonchalant manner. If he becomes outraged and starts asking you questions back, he is definitely trying to cover for something. Ask for receipts, you guys are married and share finances, asking for a receipt should not be a problem at all. That is not a problem for an honest man.

Another dead giveaway is if he hides his phone bill when it arrives or mysteriously has another phone. Pay-as-you go phones don’t have an itemized bill. You may catch him sending text messages which he suddenly switches off when you enter the room.

Most men will avoid a fight with their woman at all costs. We all know the two best words in the English language for a successful relationship are “yes dear.” We will pick our spots, but for the most part, we will concede defeat as long as it does not involve football. If he is coming home and starting fights and then storming out, he is trying to accomplish two things. He maybe trying to get you to break up with him and he is also generating a way to get out of the house for a few hours.

I hope you don’t see these signs in your relationship, but if you do, you might need some marriage help.

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