Posted March 24, 2012 by Steve W. Effman in Marriage

Steve Effman Regarding Divorce Cases

Going through a divorce, paternity or custody case is never a pleasant experience. It is stressful not only on the adults involved, but on their children, as well. There are many issues to consider and deal with in what many see as a never-ending process of meetings, hearings, details and finally a complex often confusing final hearing.

When children are involved, there are several basic issues which must be addressed. Where the children shall spend the majority of their time (what used to be called “primary custody”); how often and under what circumstances they shall have timesharing (what used to be called “visitation”) with their other parent; how much child support shall be ordered; who will provide them with health insurance; who will maintain life insurance for the children’s benefit and for how much; will they be able to attend camp or participate in extracurricular activities and who will pay for them; who will make decisions regarding the children’s school, religious upbringing, health issues, etc. And these are but a few of the matters which must be decided in such a case.

In addition to the children’s issues are factors such as alimony, division of marital assets and liabilities, attorney’s fees and expenses of the case, and many more.

All cases go through 3 basic stages: pleadings, discovery and trial. Additionally, all cases are required to be mediated before a final hearing. In some surrounding counties, mediation is required more than once in all cases…once before a temporary relief hearing and another before the final hearing.

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