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Swan Maiden Photo Shoot by FRESH Photography

When FRESH Photography and Kailey Michelle Events teamed up for this Swan Maiden inspired shoot, they went all out: crowns, swan hats and even a bunny cap. The results alongside lush Verde Flower and Plant Design florals are everything you would expect to see in a fairy tale unfolding before your eyes. Carmen West Creative provided pretty vintage props and styling assistance to help assure the visual dream came true, and since we all couldn’t be at Rowena’s Inn on the River to see it live, we have the full shoot and the Luma Lab Films video for your viewing pleasure!

From FRESH Photography… The story of this photo shoot is loosely based on the Swedish version of a tale called The Swan Maiden… A young peasant man saw a group of wildlife — swans rabbits and butterflies, to name a few — scurry around a watering hole nearby. He watched from the bushes as they stripped their feathery and furry and winged attire and headed to the water’s edge. As time passed, he could think of nothing but the fair creature-maidens and grew increasingly unaffected by daily life. He declared that there was no longer any happiness in this life for him if he could not possess a fair creature-maiden. He decided to return to the watering hole and gain one’s attention somehow. At a convenient hiding place, he waited, with impatience, for the coming of the creatures.

And sure enough, they came, as they had before. As soon as they had cast off their attire, they were again transformed into the most beautiful maidens and were soon enjoying themselves by water’s edge. From his hiding place, the young man had taken careful note of where they laid their feathery, furry and winged attire. He took them all, then returned to his place of concealment in the surrounding foliage. 

Soon thereafter, two of the maidens were in search of their creature-clothes and discovered the young man. They were flattered to have been watched and put on a bit of a show, vying for the young man’s attention. You see, they learned that any creature-maiden who wed a human would turn into royalty instantly upon her marriage vows. The fairest of the two creature-maidens was sure to wed the young peasant. And the two creature-maidens prepared themselves accordingly to win as fairest in the peasant’s sight. Preparations were made for a magnificent wedding between creature-maiden and man. The creature community came together to create an exquisite wedding. Except which creature-maiden would be chosen as bride?

Photography + Direction: FRESH Photography / Photo Shoot Venue: Rowena’s Inn on the River in Harrison Mills, British Columbia / Event Coordination + Styling: Kailey Michelle Events / Floral Design: Verde Flower and Plant Design / Cinematography: Luma Lab Films / Wedding Cake: Cake Art by Rabia / Wedding Dresses: Pure Magnolia / Styling, Vintage Decor, Clothing + Props: Aroka Vintage / Accessories: Carmen West Creative / Lingerie: L’Boutique / Hair: Lori Bodner Design / Makeup: Brianna Errelet / Wigs: Small Town Frocks / Models: Rachel Sargaent, Alissa Hansen + Andrew Henderson