Posted March 25, 2012 by Greg Tilley in Marriage

Symptoms Of Wedding Ring Envy

Surprise engagements is not something every couple has. In today’s world, there are many women who prefer to dictate exactly what kind of engagement and wedding ring they want their beau to purchase for them. The worst part is that most of these women have the tendency to be catty. Some of these women would even tell their husbands-to-be that as long as their wedding ring is bigger so-and-so, then it’s fine.

When it comes to wedding rings, size matters to most brides and the quality of the diamond is not really their concern. However, size and cost is not the concern of most brides. Sentimental value is what matters to them.

Being proposed to without a wedding ring is disappointing for one particular bride. He assumed she’d want to pick it out herself, and he was saving the money to do it right. But she told him that she’d be happy with a Cheerio on her finger.

Then there are the women who demand that their wedding ring cost more than a car and be bigger than two carats. “If not,” they say, “don’t even bother proposing.” Which kind of woman are you?

Things need to be clarified. Who would want a piece of cereal on their ring finger? But when it comes to wedding ring selection, size isn’t everything. If you do want diamonds, then make sure the diamond’s quality is adequate.

You can try options or even ask if it’s possible to be allergic to the materials the wedding ring is made of. It’d be a shame to wear your $10,000 Platinum band only to find it has a hint of nickel in it and it’s giving you a rash!

Try not to think of your wedding ring purchase as an “I want to outdo her ring” situation. There will always be someone who has a bigger, more sparkly diamond than yours. Just remember that your ring is a financial and sentimental investment.

Should your wedding ring be passed down to future generation, then you’d want your children to know that you and your husband spent your money wisely.

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Greg Tilley