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Ten Questions When Choosing Your Wedding DJ

If you live in the Greater Toronto Area and you are planning your wedding and reception, one of the main elements which will make your wedding a memorable one is the entertainment at the reception. There are numerous DJs in Toronto that would aspire to be your Wedding DJ on your special day. When researching for your Wedding DJ, use this checklist to make sure you cover all the bases associated with cost, style of music and general presentation:

Are you a good fit for my wedding reception? As well as asking your potential wedding DJ if they’re available for your wedding date, supply the DJ with information regarding your wedding including the location, guest numbers, time line and what you are looking for in services. The more information you provide, the better they are going to be able to make a response to your inquiry.

Do you have any references or testimonials? Being able to see, hear and read about what past brides and bridegrooms have experienced is among the best methods to research your potential DJ.

Are you AVLA licensed? All pro DJs ought to have an AVLA License for their music. An AVLA License permits professional DJs to copy sound recordings for the purpose of entertainment to the public, lease copies of sound recordings to commercial customers and transmit sound recordings.

Do you have liability insurance? Having liability insurance is very important should an accident or anything unlucky occur at your reception. There are many locales that are now requiring any band or DJ that comes in to carry a minimum of $2 million liability insurance.

Do you supply a written contract? This is rather straight forward. You need to have a written contract confirming your DJs services, price and what is included for your wedding date. You will also want to be certain you know what type of deposit is needed, together with payment terms and cancelation policy.

How long have you been in business as a DJ? You want to ensure the DJ you hire for your reception has experience as a wedding DJ. If they just started up their company and have just a couple of parties with very minimal wedding experience, it would be better to continue looking.

What will the DJ be wearing to the wedding? You’d be amazed at how many DJs out there would wear jeans or casual pants and a shirt to a wedding. A pro DJ should wear a good dress suit to your wedding. Reviewing pictures of past events should give you an idea of what your DJ will be wearing on your big day.

How will the DJs equipment look and be set up at the wedding? This goes along the lines of what your DJ will be wearing. Your wedding is a very special and stylish event so you want to ensure all elements of the wedding fits including the DJ equipment. You want to make sure that the DJ equipment is set up neatly and not over powering the room. If there are loose wires all around the place it will take away from the visual appearance of your wedding reception.

What style of DJ are you? There are a wide range of different DJs and styles out there. If you are looking for more of a club or nonstop dance floor you most likely will want a beat-mixing DJ that is able to cleanly mix songs together throughout the dance part of the night. There are also DJs that just do basic mixes or radio fades. Then there are the DJs that just play one song after another without mixing at all. There may be dead air space between the tunes or possibly sudden changes in the flow of music.

Are there any additional costs I need to be aware of? This is important to ask so you don’t have any surprises as your big day approaches. If you require extra services such as a ceremony or lighting effects there are usually extra fees so you will want to ensure you ask about this.

Equipped with these 10 questions, you’re now in a much better place to make an informed decision for this memorable part of your special day.

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