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The 5 tips you should know about relationships

Relationship problems seem to be the number one thing people consult psychics about. At the time they seem overwhelming, and take up all of one’s thoughts.

Hard work is needed if a relationship is to continue on the happy path. We will examine some tips that may help you get your stalled relationship up and going again.

We all need space, and perhaps this is one way of saving what is left of your situation. Too much togetherness is not the best way to be. Both partners have many other things going on in their lives, and they need space and consideration so they can get them done. Let your partner have time alone to let him/her process all the things that are causing pressure.

If you have some pictures, cards, or letters from the old days when all was well, make a time when you can be with your partner for an evening so you can both look at the fun you once had. Sometimes a little nudge in the right direction can bring to the fore good memories, and that’s where you can start.

Keep your body language positive, but do not cling to the other person. This is really off-putting, and you don’t need that. Rather, be friendly and pleasant, and depending on how bad the relationship has become, be aware of your partner’s reaction to you. Is he/she comfortable being with you? Is there a feeling of warmth between you? How you behave can have a great effect on the relationship.

Do not lose all physical contact at this time. You still want to be close, but in a different manner. A sweet little kiss on the cheek can be quite pleasant for both, and there is an exchange of chemicals at this time that tends to bring people closer together. Try it!

Listen,listen,listen! Many relationship problems start with one or both partners complaining that the other does not listen. Cultivate your listening skills and really hear what the other person is attempting to say. You amy find something that is troubling your partner and you can then try be supportive.

Perhaps you will need to go beyond these tips if you are really serious about saving the relationship. A talk with a close friend or trusted family member may give you some insight into your problem. It is certainly worth a try.

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