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The Best Anti Aging Treatments Today

Aging is a fact of life. All of us will reach a certain point in our lives when we will experience physical changes like sagging and wrinkling of skin, slowing of body processes and so on. Many people are afraid to age because they do not want to experience these kinds of changes. Then again, with the right mind-set and perspective, we can actually slow down aging process. Just like what George Burns once quoted, “You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old”. It is a matter of being positive and finding the most excellent regimens to use.

Today, there are many groundbreaking treatments that one can use to avoid sagging and wrinkling of the skin. If you are wondering what treatments to use to slow down aging, following are some of the best anti aging treatments that actually work.

Thread Lift

If you are afraid to go under the knife, this innovative face-lift technique is the one for you. It requires no incisions. In the US, there are two types of thread lift procedures available – the Contour Thread lift and the Feather Lift or Aptos Thread lift. The difference between the two is the design. The first procedure is unidirectional and it is fixed in the area of initial access. The second type is bidirectional. Besides, the thread lift procedures can range from $1,500 to $4,500. Then again, the estimate for the procedure is still dependent on the extent and the areas to be treated. Also, another possible factor that can diversify the cost is the fee of your surgeon. In 2006, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that the average physician fee for thread lifts was $2,443.

Human Placenta Injections

Stem cells are responsible for growth, repair and regeneration of human tissue. When we reach the age of 25, the level of stem cells is only at 20 percent. The declining amount of stem cells, increases the likelihood of cellular damage. By using human placenta injections, one can increase the levels of stem cells in the body. Hence, slowing or even reversing the symptoms of aging. Aside from slowing down the aging process, human placenta injections can also treat a number of health conditions like general fatigue, hypertension, depression, dyspepsia, frigidity, dysmennorhea and so on.


Aside from the skin, another cause of concern among men and women is the reduction of volume of the lips. Hylaform is FDA-approved filler. This filler is made from hylaronic acid. This groundbreaking treatment can add volume to the lips making it fuller than ever before.

Glutathione Management

Glutathione, according to research is an antioxidant that can help avert damage to important cellular components. Cells are damage because of free radicals and peroxides found in the air, the food we eat and the activities we engage into. Glutathione treatments come in different forms. They are sold in tablets and injectable forms. However, if you want natural methods, you can eat fruits and vegetables like asparagus, avocados and walnuts because they are rich in glutathione. Furthermore, it is important to know that when you are receiving glutathione therapy, you will take Vitamin C to increase the effectiveness of the glutathione treatment.

Nowadays, there are several anti aging treatments that you can use. Some of most effective treatments are mentioned above. If you are considering the above management, do check with your health care provider first to make sure that your chosen treatment will benefit you.

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