Posted April 22, 2012 by Linda Suchard in Marriage

The Best Way to Prepare For a Hen Party

Before the Big Day, a bride to be will want to have a Hen Party she’ll never forget! She’ll choose her closest most trusted friend to be her Maid of Honor – and will expect her to arrange a party that all her friends will enjoy and talk about for weeks after. For this to happen – preparation is an important step.

One important role for the Maid of Honor is to co-ordinate the party and make sure everyone that attends is having an enjoyable time. It’s guaranteed that if the guests are happy and having a fun night – the bride to be will be also.

Even if the Bride to Be hasn’t asked directly – it’s likely she’ll expect the Maid of Honor to send out invites to all the people she’d like invited – so that they don’t miss the event. These invitations will need to explain where the Hen Party is being held, and the dates and times the guests are expected to arrive. If you can get these out early – you’ll generally find a better response rate from the invitees.

Naturally before sending out the hen party invites – you’ll need to decide where the hen party is going to take place, and what exactly will be happening. There are common activities that will take place on all hen parties – and these normally include an event during the day such as wine tasting or a theme park, and then an evening event in a nightclub. You’ll need this information for the invites so the guests know what to bring, and the clothes they should wear.

Whether you decide to arrange the party in your local town – or be more adventurous and take the Hen to a new city or town to do something different, its important to consider what the Hen would want to do so that she’s happy with the destination. If you’re inviting people that may have trouble getting away for several days – it’s often easier to keep things local.

Lastly, if you want the hen party to go down with a bang – having a theme for the night is always a popular choice. With enough notice, you’ll be able to ask all the guests to come with a themed outfit such as a single color or possibly something like an 80’s attire.

A great web resource for Hen Night Games that could be played during a Hen Night is

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