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The Best Wedding Ceremony Location

Few places on earth can boast of a greater amount of exotic chapels and outside private social places than Hunter Valley. This is a location in New South Wales, Australia that needs to be one of the few places on earth that is well known for, wait for it: wedding ceremonies.

From February every year when summer takes hold here – millions of people from all the parts of the world descend on the Valley to exchange wedding vows, renew marriage vows or attend a choice of impressive baby-naming or christening ceremonies.

For any wedding ceremony, Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s great vineyards with over 120 wineries, producing a sufficiency of highly regarded white and red wines. It is also a large producer of coal.

The sheer sweetness of Hunter Valley:

But it’s the sheer wonder of the place that makes it a favorite among wedding celebrants. It has six countrywide parks, not counting smaller nature reserves, and at least 8 brooks. That mixture leads to a selection of phenomenal settings for hotels and outside party venues. There are, in fact , 65 hotels and cafes in the Valley and at least 180 accommodation properties.

Not surprisingly, the vineyards offer some of the most spectacular accommodations. Their stretching rows of vines on undulating landscape simply supply a monumental, post-card background to any wedding ceremony.

All ceremonies occur at Hunter Valley:

It also helps that Hunter Valley is reasonably accommodating, even eclectic, in taste and style. Some chapels here will happily host marriage celebrants from another denomination. Even civil celebrants will find a chapel happy to oblige. And it’s very normal for many locales here to host Partnership Ceremonies and Commitment Ceremonies. Funeral services are also simply prepared.

For any person whose life’s journeys should happen to include Australia, this is good news. On any good day, there will almost certainly be a party to crash in the stunning valley of New South Wales.

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