Posted April 15, 2012 by Jason Mint in Hair and Beauty

The Difference Between Liquid Hand Wash and Solid Hand wash

Some people like to use liquid hand wash while other choose a more conventional way of washing with solid soap. Actually the real difference is only the aesthetic of the soap. Liquid hand wash are more elegant looking especially when placed on the counter while solid soaps may look unhygienic. Actually the real answer to this is where to place the soap.

Liquid soaps Liquid soaps are better placed on elegant places. They are best on kitchen counters and public toilet counters. They can also be placed on your home lavatory. The only thing that matters with using liquid some is that it consumes space on your counter. This is the reason why it is not practical to use it on your home toilet. Nevertheless, it looks better place in some high end toilets like that of hotels and spas because of its appearance. Liquid soaps are usually packed in a bottle with a push system so users can just push the liquid out and then they can use it right away. While there are advantages aesthetically to liquid soaps, they can usually be more expensive than the solid soaps.

Solid Soaps On the other hand, solid soaps are more economically. They cost enough for a family budget. Aside from this, they are best placed on small spaces where containers are not the issue. All one needs to do is buy a nice looking container and then they can use the soap without spilling.

However, solid soaps can be dirty looking especially because of the excess and melted particles that stay below the container. These melted soaps usually invite bacteria. For this reason, solid soaps are more prone to diseases than liquid soaps. However, solid soaps have more anti-bacteria ingredients than liquid soaps.

Liquid or solid soap maybe, the real concern is hygiene. Cleaning is the main goal of soaps. It is the user’s preference if they rather use solid or liquid as long as the soaps make them clean and bacteria free. After all, all soaps are created to make things clean.

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Jason Mint