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The Factors To Regard Before Performing The Dental Procedure Used On Dental Implants

Dental implants are a treatment option for the replacement of missing teeth roots. They provide a foundation for the artificial teeth that are designed to match the natural teeth. They are surgically placed within the jawbone.

There are a number of reasons why implants are the preferred mode of treatment for missing teeth. They definitely improve appearance and are designed to look and feel like natural teeth. One can improve their speech and make eating easier which comes about from gaps in the mouth or poor fitting dentures.

Oral health is better and the devices are durable as well as improving general self esteem through the smile. The dental implants are highly successful with proper care as a result of their durability. This depends on if the patient has healthy gums and enough bone to support the device. However, they may not be so suitable for people with chronic diseases or heavy smokers. Also the procedure should be performed by qualified professionals.

The surgical planning is done on the mouth to identify the biological properties of the tooth and the jaw bone to properly arrange the implants to define the most appropriate outcome. A surgical stent may also be used which fits over the teeth or the bone surface with holes that show where the implants are to be positioned.

The basic procedure involves the placement of the implant. Some time is allowed to let the bone grow on the titanium surface after which the crown is placed. The procedure must be performed carefully to ensure vital structures in the jaw and the bone are not damaged.

There are some points to be considered before the procedure is done. The bone has to be strong and in plenty to hold and support the device. Otherwise grafting may be performed to add to the bone. The teeth and tissues around the device must also be in good shape. The loading forces to be exerted on the device should be considered to avoid its failure.

The success or failure or the procedure is dependent on a number of things. The oral hygiene as well as the quality of the bone around the device is crucial. Its stability is quite important, quality of the placement by the dentist and the health and care after the surgery by the patient.

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