Posted March 18, 2012 by Michelle Kathleen in Wedding Cakes

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I knew it was upon me and I can admit I despised the day the wedding invitation came from my best friend. I am positive we all have a friend like Sheila, the leading expert on fashion and clothing, the girl with an incredible fashion sense and taste. The girl with the most original gift ideas, every gift from the child’s birthday gift to the work acquaintance, Sheila always has a “gift” for picking the perfect gift.

The challenge now faces me, how do I choose the perfect wedding gifts for her and the groom. She started the tradition among our group of friends to give individual presents for the bride and groom in recognition they are still two separate people and likely have their own unique tastes. At the time, I thought it was a great idea, now, not so much. It is like having to choose a birthday present for her twice. Last year I thought I had found the perfect gift, small cakes from the newest boutique bakery in town. Well, I had no idea she was on a new wellness plan and staying away from sweets and foods with a high fat content, like cheese. At least now, I know.

I had a great conversation with a friend who informed that the groom is the proud owner of an upscale men’s clothing store, so much for the matching scarf and tie idea. How can I top the tastes of the fashion power couple from hell?

I felt overwhelmed with the prospect of gift shopping for the wedding. I had even gone from brainstorming ideas for wedding presents to contemplate the perfect excuse to getting out of going. Someone mentioned getting a gift card for the happy couple and I knew that would never work given my friends attitude that gift cards are completely unimaginative cop-out presents.

I was with my sister the other day discussing my dilemma while spinning a vase on my pottery wheel when she proclaimed, “you know you have the answer to your question right in front of you?” Holding my mud-covered hands in front of me I realized she was right. They always raved over my work and exclaimed how much the love my signature technique for firing and glazing.

Then it dawned on me I did not have to spend a fortune on a store bought designer present for them and how I discounted my own abilities. The perfect gifts for this couple are ones created by my own hands and convey my heart-felt affection for the both of them. They both appreciated the coffee mugs and match plates I created for them with a new glazing technique I developed especially for them called “From the Heart.”

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Michelle Kathleen