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The Marvelous World of Tungsten Carbide Wedding Rings

Your tungsten ring, while very sturdy and strong, needs care too! Yes, a strong and durable ring like this means very little maintenance, but it doesn’t mean you should not do routine care to keep it in the best condition.

To care for tungsten in the proper way, you can clean it with a mild cleaner and wipe to dry with a smooth, soft rag. You should not store your ring next to diamonds, as diamonds are the only thing that can scratch or do any kind of serious damage to this type of ring. (It is actually a good rule of thumb to store diamond jewelry separate from all other pieces, even other diamonds.)

If a piece of jewelry, such as a ring, is sold strictly as tungsten only, then it is basically just a steel ring. Tungsten without carbon added to create tungsten carbide can actually be scratched quite easily. Rings and other jewelry made with the right formula should not scratch because the element of carbon is present. If you purchase what you believe to be a tungsten carbide ring but the ring has been carved then it isn’t a true tungsten carbide ring. (Do not confuse this with designs that look carved but were actually molded when the ring was made, or laser engraving– both of these processes work exceptionally well with tungsten carbide.)

These rings can be safely removed in case of an emergency more easily than a ring made with a different type of metal can be. The simplest and safest method of emergency removal of tungsten or titanium rings is to have the ring broken into pieces using vise grip pliers. Most hospitals in this day and age have all the necessary tools for situations like the emergency removal of any ring. Don’t let the rumor that tungsten rings aren’t able to be removed in case of an emergency fool you! Just like any other metal, a tungsten ring can be broken should it need to be, and the incremental pressure and cracking of the ring is often much safer and less painful than any situation involving softer gold or platinum rings, which can bend out of round and cut into the finger.

During the Second World War, tungsten was very important. Portugal had a lot of wolframite ores that were used to make tungsten. Due to these ores Portugal had pressure put on it from both sides of fighting. These ores were beneficial in making tungsten for materials used for weapons.

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