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The Most Imaginative & Memorable Proposal Ideas

People spend their whole lives looking for that one extremely special person, why not make sure that person knows that you’re always thinking of them in your life now and in your future.

Not only does this ensure that the fit will be appropriate, but we know it also ensures that the design will be treasured for the rest of your lives. Synonymous with diamonds is the word “forever.” This is basically why most people-especially couples-choose this as a symbol of their affection and devotion for their partner by putting it in a ring or any other jewelry.

For men, one or two pieces of of jewelry is enough. When it comes to ladies, however, it is altogether a different story.

Generally, all diamond eternity bands are set with a stone or diamond set. These are categorized as a “full eternity” ring-that has gem stones set completely around the shank-and a “half eternity” ring-which has gemstones set partially around the shank. Today, many eternity rings come multi-stranded or plaited, among other themes or designs.

Eternity rings, which make wonderful anniversary gifts, are available in a number of setting styles that display and secure the gems in different ways according to the wearer’s preferences. Some of the best loved types of eternity ring settings are the bar setting, channel setting, four prong setting, pave, micro pave, shared prong, and single prong.

For men, a piece or two of jewelry is enough. When it comes to ladies, however, it is altogether a different story.

Unless stolen or lost, real diamonds are meant to stand the test of time and generations. If your life has not lead you to accomplish all these important stages just yet, the ring can it can still hold special significance, it will represent the future you want together with that person by your side. Each time your one and only looks down at her hand she will remember all that the two of you have already shared, and will continue to do so.

Now how can we make that promise, mean even more? What can we take with us daily from a loved one, to remind us that no matter what, our love is forever? While one diamond can mean so much, the unbreakable bond, because a diamond is so lasting, imagine what a whole band of diamonds would mean to your loved one.

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