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The most important Facts you should know About hair fiber refills

Hair fibers are made of organic keratin and sometimes synthetic ingredients or both. The fact that they are organic or not, keratin or not, have no significant value. The Hair fibers are designed to aid your hair looking fuller and better but do not improve ones own hair health, hair loss or any other problem. Hair building fibers truly for cosmetic purposes, however hair fibers do not harm you in any way or decrease your hair growth. Good hair fibers offers you great natural looking coverage for longer time without irritation and should stay on your head and not on your forehead and shoulders. Please Read the product review and comparing table that will help you decide which product is right for you.

Sow how does it work? The hair fibers are laser cut so light and small and go through electro-static energizing process. once they come in contact they get attracted to hair shafts therefore thin hair seem few times fuller and darker as a result of thousands of tiny fibers clinging to the hair, the hair appears thicker. Genius idea, yet so simple and safe.

What makes hair fibers more advanced than others? Not all hair fibers, thickeners, concealers are alike: They are made with various materials and tactics with one common goal to achieve better hair coverage and provide you with great looking hair. Toppik is probably the most frequently used and known brand, Toppik is known of being made of wool (sheep hair), wool can be irritating especially in the summer time, I personally used Toppik and I used to go crazy not understanding why my scalp can be so itchy until I found out it was constructed from wool. There are quiet few brands out there, I have tried every one of them and so my friends.

Some were too dark or light but the major problem with most hair fiber brands was the size and weight of the fibers: Remember, we need the fibers to hold on to our own hair longer and better, it must also cover our scalp somehow to create an optical illusion of full dark hair. Some brand fibers were too heavy and could not cling to the hair for long time simply sliding down on your scalp to ones forehead, neck and behind your ears. Some hair fibers were too light and stayed on top of your hair bulk up and did not penetrate deeper as more you tried to add hair fibers they looked worse. Other brands were made of materials that don’t blend into the natural hair color and feel and using some light you could tell the obvious difference.

Why you can Profit Use Hair fibers? To achieve a full looking healthy hair you need to get good hair coverage from the scalp up. As a user and a person who nonstop thrive to enhance I found Samson hair fibers to be the very best product considering all the above: The weight was perfect some fibers penetrated the hair layers and lay nicely over the scalp, it adhered well to the hair shafts. The fiber color blended well for the reason that your hair color can reflect on a lot of these fibers too. The hair fibers consisting a various fiber sizes, weight and color shades to get a balanced natural look. The hair fibers are certainly not made of wool and are non-irritating.

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