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The Most Practical Virginia Marriage Records Solution

The Division of Vital Records and Health Statistics is tasked by the Virginia Department of Health with the proper storage and maintenance of more than seven million vital documents containing sensitive information about the state’s eight million citizens. And with that kind of figure, you can be quite certain that the said office is constantly bombarded with thousands of calls and walk-ins every month. All of whom want access to Virginia marriage records and other public documents that are accessible through the abovementioned division.

Obtaining this type of data is not as complicated as one might think. Compared to the old methods and procedures, acquiring vital information nowadays is almost effortless. But this positive change would not be possible without the availability of the Internet and the many online resources that are now accessible by the general public.

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, as it is officially called, marriage license records and other documents subject to public access are easily obtained through the Office of Vital Records, formally known as the Division of Vital Records and Health Statistics. The said office has provided three easy ways in which you can apply for a certified copy of any of the following events; birth, death, marriage and divorce reports. You can do it by mail, walk-in, or Express Delivery via the VitalChek Network. Visiting the division’s official website will give a better understanding on the proper procedures and requirements.

Because of the fact that, by law, Virginia marriage records and other types of vital documents are only accessible to the public fifty years after the event took place, the Archives Division of the Library of Virginia can be a good alternative source of information as well. The division keeps files between 1853 and 1896, making it an excellent choice for genealogists trying to acquire fifty year-old data without having to deal with procedural obstacles that could hamper one’s research.

Whatever reasons you may have for wanting access to a specific marital history profile, official or not, getting them through conventional channels can be quite frustrating. Even though state departments and agencies are trying hard to make these documents conveniently accessible, the procedures they put in place can sometimes make the process impractical and inefficient. As a result, some individuals are trying out new ways to acquire the same information, but in a more viable and effective manner.

The most efficient and practical solution available right now is a good commercial information provider. Many of these online data search services are more than capable of providing marriage license records, as well as other vital reports concerning births, deaths and divorces. Many genealogists and professional researchers have come to rely on these online information service providers and their comprehensive database of public information. And with a one-time payment option, it is a rather reasonable choice as well, at least from a financial perspective. No hidden charges or additional fees, no processing delays, and most of all, no limitations on how many files you can access. If that is not practical enough, then I don’t know what is.

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