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The Story of Fashion: The Remarkable Story and Tradition of the Signet Ring

The signet ring is defined by the dictionary as a ring with letters or a design carved on it. To completely understand the signet ring we have to understand what a seal is. Popular dictionaries describe seal as a figure impressed in wax, clay, or some other medium, or embossed on paper, with the purpose of authenticating a document. The word signet has its origins in latin word signum meaning sign. The system of wearing rings and using them as a seal has come primarily from Europe where these are made either in gems or in metal. Typically these were in gem stones.

The variety of shapes, widths, and styles for the ring and the number of fonts from which to choose to create engravable signet rings allow you to personalize your gold signet ring in a number of ways not limited to your initials.

Various kinds of codes have been used for the signet rings over the period of time for eg: an oval signet ring is used for married ladies and a diamond-shaped shield is a symbol of a young lady. This distinction is still used today. The design of the rings were unique to the owners and in case two people had similar designs then in such cases the one who had first got the design became the owner of the design and other had to change the design.

Yellow gold styles of gold signet ring allow for an unbelievable level of detail and customization thanks to the inherent softness and malleability of this metal. Many 14k gold signet ring styles are individually designed with a variety of wearers with different tastes, interests, and lifestyles in mind, which makes perfect sense when one considers that conveying an individual’s identity was in fact the original purpose of these rings.

Where jewelry trends are not changing too drastically is in the traditional wedding scene. Solitaire diamond engagement rings are still preferred over multi-diamond or non-diamond engagement rings. Gold is still the metal of choice when it comes to wedding bands. Where there has been a slight change is in the return of yellow gold in preference to white gold wedding bands.

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Irene Baker