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The whole point of a bridal shower is to make the bride enjoy her last moments as a single lady

A bridal show is all about a celebrating of moving from singlehood to married life.

The bridal shower party mainly consists of the bride-to-be, single buddies, close fiances and bridesmaids in chief.

The bridal shower hostess will come up with concepts and activities to make the bridal shower memorable. These include the theme, any games, the food, and the gifts and entertainment.

The bridal shower concepts or themes may change according to the likes and interests of the bride.

If she adores cooking, then it might be a food theme whereby the party is held in a home and the chums can help make a meal which she generally loves cooking herself. Even a disco theme can be held if the bride is a party animal.

If she adores adventure, then the shower can be held away from her usual surroundings.The hostess could also organize a trip to an ideal destination, for the bride and the bridal shower party.

A spa and beauty theme is suitable for the bride-to-be who loves to cosset herself. This can be done at a beach spa hotel, with the typical spa activities.Gifts are offered to the bride, which includes items that will remind her of the friends she will be leaving behind.

At this point, games are introduced, which should rely on the age group of the bridal party. This may be minutiae questions, truth or dare, a dancing competition, or perhaps a tissue bridal ensemble where the bride is wrapped in tissue paper.

The bridal party can then recount the moments they have shared as they eat and drink while enjoying their favorite music.

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