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Timeless Classic Wedding Rings

While the fashions regarding wedding jewelry keep changing each year, some variations are ageless. Regardless of the shifting fads, traditional wedding rings are always a favorite with modern day brides to be. As per a report, the very first wedding ring originated in ancient Egypt. A prospective groom wove reeds in a circle alongside the Nile and offered it to his cherished lady. The circular shape symbolized the eternity he wanted to spend with her and the space in the middle symbolized an exhilarating but mysterious future. Although the principles even now stay the same, would-be brides today are not contented with woven reeds.

Experienced brides with higher expectations

With expanding experience, today’s brides anticipate more than just reeds to represent lasting love. A little more substantial demonstration such as a platinum engagement ring with a gorgeous diamond may be the thing the modern lady hopes for from her man. Even the age old standard of a gold ring with a one-carat diamond is thought to be out-of-date. With more individuals deciding to start their professional careers prior to settling down, couples get married at later ages. Jewelry stores across the nation are recognizing that buyers these days are usually more affluent and much more inn touch with their personal tastes.

Individualized jewelry

While traditional ring patterns are well-liked, plenty of young couples are opting for wedding jewelry that’s much more aligned to their distinctive tastes and inclinations. One of the leading trends which has slowly but surely taken hold in the previous couple of years is crafting personalized wedding jewelry. In wanting to have one-of-a-kind bands which hold special meaning, lovers are choosing matching wedding rings with personalized designs and messages. Not easily enticed by mass produced creations, people are now working with their designers and making certain that the ring has special significance. Filigree work, colored diamonds and distinctive designs are ever popular with engaged young couples.

Wedding rings for men

Picking out wedding rings for men is not so simple nowadays. Besides the basic gold or platinum band, bridegrooms are now branching out through more imaginative options. Wedding rings made of titanium or tungsten are becoming popular with contemporary grooms as they are stylish and masculine. Men are selecting sturdy and stylish metals like platinum and decorating them with diamonds. Overly embellished wedding rings for men have generally been thought of as feminine and were never the first choice for any bridegroom. With the latest in metals and styles supplying the needed durability and elegance, bridegrooms now are more open to exploring the fresh new styles that are out there.

The above was written by Colin Coffey who is a precious stone specialist and past attorney. He has owned and operated jewelry shops in austin in Texas where he consults clients on one of the most incredible choices of their life.

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