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Trashing My Dress In Key West On Smathers Beach

A new craze of revolutionary wedding photography known as ‘trash the dress’ is sweeping across the globe. Brides wondering what to do with their dresses after their big day are given the opportunity to say a final farewell to their gown by modeling it in a wild and fun photo shoot. This new fun and creative craze in photography is also known as ‘rock the frock’, and ‘fearless bridal’.

The trash shoots result in a very arty collection of original photographs as the formal elegance of the gown is contrasted with a wild and natural, unconventional setting. The idea of the trash sessions is to effectively trash the gown. The most common locations for this is on the beach where the bride trashes her dress by getting it wet in the water or soiled with mud and sand.

The degree of damage caused to the gown is dependent on the personal choice of the individual. Some may wish to simply enjoy an adventurous, care-free and fun photographic session without worrying about getting the gown dirty or wet. Others may wish to take it to the extreme and dramatically rip, tear, paint, or even burn the dress.

Various different locations for trashing the frock can be used. As the trend is increasing in popularity, photographers are coming up with more and more creative, madcap concepts for photo shoots. City streets, abandoned buildings, water falls, fountains, horse stables, abandoned rail tracks, even garbage dumps, have all been used as photo shoot locations.

The trashing shoot may be arranged to take place immediately after the ceremony. However, some women may wish to trash their frock several years after their wedding date. A lot of former brides may find that they have only worn their expensive gown for one day only, and wish to dust it off and wear it for one last fun-filled day.

It’s not just the bride who gets to take part in all the trashing fun; her groom can get involved too. Many couples choose to trash their formal attire together and the end result can be a dramatic and entertaining addition to traditional wedding portraits. The photography craze was first started by a Las Vegas photographer approximately 10 years ago.

Over 150 women took part in the world’s debut mass trash event, in the Netherlands. The innovative craze in wedding photography has amassed great attention world-wide and has increased in popularity in recent years. Brides are now queuing up in masses to take part in the Trashing My Dress In Key West On Smathers Beach.

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