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Tungsten Wedding Bands For Men Are Classy and Modern

There are many questions surrounding the differences between tungsten and titanium jewelry. Currently, tungsten and titanium are two of the most sought after types of men’s rings and wedding bands. Tungsten and titanium are rather new to the jewelry industry, thus unfortunately there is a lack of information concerning the pros and cons of each metal. The base color of titanium is very similar to silver, where as the base color of tungsten is a darker grey. Both metals can be manipulated to produce a variety of hues and colors. Jewelers use a process known as anodization to color titanium jewelry in a variety of hues. Tungsten carbide can vary from a shiny light grey to a dark brushed grey. Black rings can be made from both tungsten and titanium however the process varies. With titanium the black color is fused into the ring, where as with tungsten the black is an ip plating.

Black tungsten rings and wedding bands aren’t for everyone, but for those individuals who are appreciate fashion and style you have to check out the latest rage. Many individuals are bucking the trend of wearing the old and tired gold or platinum domed wedding bands. They seek something new and fresh, and black tungsten is growing in popularity exponentially. Black rings stand out in a different kind of way. Instead of being looked at with the common, “Oh I see your married” eyes, tungsten rings draw curious individuals to ask, “What kind of ring is that?”.

The tungsten carbide ring, commonly abbreviated as “tungsten ring” is perhaps the most modern choice one can make in picking the right jewelry for a cutting-edge contemporary wedding. A tungsten wedding ring is very hard and strong, scratch-resistant, and tarnish-proof, and they look great with a brushed or polished finish, laser etching, and all of the other distinctive tungsten carbide wedding band design accents and the related technology make possible.

This is a concern to many when purchasing jewelry or wedding bands. Titanium is completely hypoallergenic and will not irritate or discolor your skin. Titanium is also completely inert, and resistant to corrosion by all body fluids and tissue. When purchasing tungsten rings you want to be sure the ring uses nickel as a binder as opposed to cobalt. Tungsten carbide rings and wedding bands if combined with cobalt can produce allergic reactions, as well as skin and ring discoloration. Tungsten jewelry manufactured with a nickel binder is completely hypoallergenic, even for those with nickel allergies.

Often the ring bearer clutches the wedding bands on unique cushions or pillows.The ring signifies the couple’s affection for each other. A plain platinum wedding band does not need any type of adornment, as it is sensational in appearance.

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