Posted April 14, 2012 by Emory R David in Hair and Beauty

Want To Look Like A ‘Vampire’?

There are a range of face lifts available if you’re looking to get rid of those wrinkles and want to leave yourself looking youthful. Getting a face lift is a very basic cosmetic procedure that is changing into more and more widespread and not only among the stars.

A face lift helps you to look youthful by smoothing out the wrinkles on the face and tightening the skin underneath. This leaves the entire face feeling firmer and looking younger. Having said that there are a variety of different types of face lift one of which is the vampire face lift also known as Selphyl. It is not strictly a face lift as it does not alter the underlying shape of the face, instead it removes wrinkles by filling in the pores of the skin.

This is a relatively new procedure that works in the same way as a filler injection but uses the individuals own blood. This is considered quite advantageous as other filler injections involve using an artificial material such as Juvederm which is less natural.

Selphyl works by taking a small amount of the individuals blood and separating the platelets and concentrating them into a substance which can be injected back into the skin. This stimulates cell growth and encourages skin rejuvenation. This procedure can reportedly help with wrinkles as well as folds in the skin to leave the affected person looking younger all round.

The vampire face lift only normally requires about 20 minutes to do and takes full impact within 3 weeks, the enhancement will then last up to 18 months. The speed at which this procedure shows a positive effect and the very low risk involved is making this a very well-known option. There is no real danger of allergic reaction as with artificial injections because only the affected persons own blood is used. Also with the cost being much reduce than a full face lift, costing only about $1100 it is an affordable procedure.

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