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Wedding Apparel-How To Choose The Perfect Colors For Wedding Attire

When it comes to the perfect wedding outfit, things can get stressful. The wedding could be formal, ultra formal, semi-formal or casual. The wedding guest will have to base their outfits on the type of wedding it is classified as. These tips can help you decide on an outfit.

Where should I begin choosing my outfit?

The invitation will let you know whether it will be casual or formal and the time of the wedding. On occasion you will be invited to a wedding that is held outside. Depending on where the wedding is held, you may want to decide on a different type of shoe or dress fabric. If it is an outdoor evening wedding, you’ll want to take your warmth into consideration.

What are the best colors for wedding attire?

The colors you need to avoid are the colors of the wedding theme that the wedding party will wear, especially white. During the months that the weather is colder, colors that are darker will work but when the weather starts to warm the colors should become lighter. A good option in the months of October to December is neutral colors.

At the bridal shower, you’ll find out the color theme, or you can tell from the invitation. In warmer months, pick colors that complement your own skin tone that are also lively for the season. Your outfit’s style will also depend on your body temperature and the weather. If the wedding takes place in the evening and you get chilled easily, you will want to consider something with sleeves or a sash.

What should I wear for weddings during the winter months?

Black is not a winter color when it comes to weddings. For the woman, black is always a no-no when attending a wedding. Winter weddings will accommodate the darker colors like forest green or navy blue but can also be brighter colors like gray, beige or even tan.

What does a man wear to a wedding?

If the dress is formal, traditional black and white tux is perfect. If the invitation has not specified formal or ultra-formal then a dark suit with matching tie is always appropriate. If the wedding is formal but your companion is not wearing a gown then a dark suit will be fine. If it is a daytime wedding, a suit is proper. Tuxedos should be limited to evening wear.

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