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Wedding Dress-How To Take Preventative Measures To Avoid The Unexpected Stain

In a perfect world nothing will happen to your wedding dress. After spending so much time picking your wedding dress, the last thing you want to happen is an unexpected disaster. This will be a treasure you’ll want to keep together. When it comes to protecting your dress, prevention is key.

When you bring your dress home, you will need to find a safe place to store it. If you will have your dress for a few weeks before your wedding, the hanger needs to be padded, and not exposed to sunlight. It will need to hang free without being touched by any other items even when hung in a closet. Dust is the enemy, so keep the dress covered. The dress should also have the opportunity to breathe, so a plastic drape is not a good idea. Your best bet is a white, unbleached cotton sheet.

What is wrong with using a garment bag?

The dress will get musty if even the smallest bit of moisture gets in the bag. Plastic bags put out gasses that may yellow the dress. This will depend on the length of time you store the dress but why take chances.

You can also put the dress in tissue paper in a cardboard box to keep it out of harm’s way.

How to prevent stains:

There are many accidents waiting to happen other than the obvious food and beverage disaster. Choose a menu for your wedding that will be less hazardous than fountains of chocolate or flowing red wine. Choosing flowers that have pollen on the stamen can be a problem. Talk to the florist about removing parts of the flower that might have pollen stored.

Wedding day jitters might produce stains. To avoid underarm stains, use a strong antiperspirant. Makeup is another stain-maker so when you put on your dress use a light weight cotton cloth like a pillow case over your head to prevent smearing your dress with your makeup or hairspray. You can do touch-ups after the dress is on, but keep something draped over the dress to prevent spillage. Even if your car is perfectly cleaned, put a towel on the seat if you will be traveling in the dress. Do not take any chances. When the wedding ends, and you change out of your dress, it’s a good idea to wrap the dress in a white sheet and take it to a cleaner that you trust. You will need to wash your dress before storing it.

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