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Wedding Dresses as an Entertainment Tool

I think every woman today; from the age of five to seventy five have been drawn into the wedding phenomena known as “Say yes to the Dress” form TLC. It’s a show dedicated to one of the hugest wedding dress retailer in New York City, and now Atlanta, showing nothing but non-stop wedding dresses. This show is literally engaged girls coming in, trying on different wedding dresses, and maybe purchasing their own wedding dress on national TV for peoples’ entertainment.

Except for one episode, that is. There was one event, and I don’t remember when it aired, that included another private moment in the wedding preparation section and that is the engagement. It started off with a girl, who made an scheduled visit at this retailer but she wasn’t engaged. It turns out that her then boyfriend knew about this and decided to surprise her with her wedding rings, thus making her engaged. The whole stores stopped and watch, the girl said yes, and it was a very sweet moment and it was great entertainment.

After looking at her wedding rings and have the retail store gush over her for a few minutes her beau then departs and she goes into the dressing room to try on wedding dresses. They were all spectacular dresses in case you were wondering, not to mention expensive. I mean, I’m a college student and I could even imagine spending that much money on a dress that I would only wear once. However, that could be because I’m single and not in the mind set to think too much about it, and was only observing this show for the entertainment value.

However, this lady, after trying on a number of beautiful wedding dresses that looked really good on her, was too overpowered by the engagement to buy a dress that day. Which taught the retailers a lesson, wedding rings and wedding dresses makes for good entertainment, but putting them in all at once might not get you a deal. However, because they are such a big company, and because they show more than one bride trying one many wedding dresses they did make sales that day; so all was well.

“Say yes to the Dress” form TLC is most likely the most watched wedding show that advertises wedding dresses that is watched almost exclusively for entertainment values. However, because it’s a boutique and needs to make sales it uses the TV reality show as a subliminal audio advertising tool. So that when girls who watch this tv series does get engaged and does get there wedding rings and want their dream wedding dress they’d keep in mind the show and go to that retailer where they have the greatest selection of wedding dresses.

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Amanda Basso