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Wedding Etiquette Advise For Every Young Bride and groom

There may be lots of advice out there for young couples on how you might want to plan your wedding, especially when considering the etiquette. You shouldn’t have to worry about breaking with tradition when organizing your big day, this article provides a number of wedding etiquette tips to help your big day run smoothly:


There are no guidelines set in stone about who ought to or shouldn’t pay for any aspect of the ceremony although custom has long since dictated that the bride’s family pays for the day itself. You can pay for your wedding day yourselves, or split the expense between each family but it’s important everyone knows who is paying early on.

In order to avoid causing offence guarantee each family has an equal input into the big day, and no assumptions are made over who is footing the bill. On average, a UK wedding can cost approximately 21,000 so it’s smart to budget very carefully.

Wedding Gifts

Wedding presents may cause a great deal of controversy, because some young couples prefer to request money over presents. Typically, couples received household items for their new house as a couple. With a lot more couples living with each other prior to they get married, household goods are not necessarily needed.

The majority of large department stores provide a wedding list service where young couples can create a list of things they would like and family and friends then choose them off this. A lot of couples also prefer to ask for the funds to out towards a honeymoon or something else of their choosing.


Wedding favours are a fun way saying thanks to your wedding guests for making your wedding even more special. Ideas for wedding favours may include chocolate, key rings and photo-card holders. All the same, newlyweds on a tight budget should not feel urged to provide favours as they possibly can prove to be very costly.

One way to work around this is by providing wedding favours to bridesmaids, groomsmen and close family. You shouldn’t have to be concerned about causing offence because this is perfectly acceptable.

Location Weddings

Beach and location marriages have increased in popularity in recent years. The only real etiquette problem you might face with a location wedding is who to ask. Parents and close relatives are a must, and supplying an open invite to anyone that is able to afford the excursion is sensible. An excellent way to please all the family can be by throwing a wedding celebration upon your return.

Printed favour boxes are a fantastic way of presenting your wedding favours, Check out the “Wedding Favours Delight website to see the full range for yourself.

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