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What Is The Simplest Way To Reduce Puffy Eyes?

If you are one among the people who suffers from bags of fluid filled skin that surround your eyes then you know that this could make you look both older and less healthy than you actually are. There are a few things that you can do so as to get rid of puffy eyes. To deal with your skin condition effectively you will need to find out more about those factors which cause the skin condition to arise.

You can get swollen and puffy eyes for a number of reasons. One factor that you can’t do much about is if you inherited the trait from your parents. Many of the other factors that cause this skin problem, however, could be treated and there are many forms of therapy which can be used to get rid of puffy eyes. Some of the factors include stress, not enough sleep, crying, hormonal fluctuations, high levels of sodium, dehydration, water retention and allergen hypersensitivity.

A popular and proven way to minimize swelling in inflamed and puffy eyes and also making them feel better is to chill the skin with a view to bring down inflammation. A traditional folk remedy calls for chilled cucumber slices to be applied but, in fact, virtually any cold object will have the same soothing effect. Two chilled spoons or ice cubes wrapped in a cloth are generally used in the form of cold packs to relieve puffiness.

People need to keep to a regular sleep schedule to align their circadian sleep cycles to ensure that they receive adequate amount of restful sleep every night to maintain the body and skin healthful. Rubbing the sensitive skin that surrounds the eyes must be avoided because this causes irritation that is followed by puffiness. People with contact lenses should remove them before sleeping.

If your body feels like it is getting dehydrated it will move to defend itself by starting to retain fluids. Water retention in your body is one of the key causative factors for puffiness around the eyes. Drinking lots of water can get rid of puffy eyes by ensuring that the body stays well hydrated. Intake of excessive sodium is another factor in water retention so using a low salt diet could be one way to get rid of puffy eyes.

A wide variety of allergies to such things as foods, pets and environmental components could cause eyes to swell up and become red and swollen. Allergic reactions to environmental factors like pollen, dust and various other things in the atmosphere are known to cause eye irritation and puffiness. Those who have allergies or have swollen eyes on a regular basis need to consult with their doctor as to the best way to handle them.

Green tea has been scientifically verified to have anti-inflammatory substances so a good way to get rid of puffy eyes is to keep chilled green tea bags over the eyes so as to minimize swelling. Cooling facial masks and creams could be prepared with natural and holistic ingredients that can often be found in your kitchen. Some of the items that have been used successfully for preparing skin rejuvenating face masks include papaya, banana, cucumber, avocado and potato.

Massage done gently with finger tips combined with many different facial exercises can aid in getting rid of puffy eyes by encouraging any excess fluids that have collected around the eyes to drain away. Using several pillows while sleeping at night will elevate the head during sleep and allow any accumulated fluids, fats and toxins to drain away naturally.

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