Posted March 14, 2012 by Alain Daniel Delgado in Wedding Rings

What To Do When Buying Engagement Rings

Whenever you’re blessed to find that special someone in your life that you want to spend the rest of your life with, normally you’re going to want to propose to them; hopefully they say yes. The reality is when it comes to engagement rings there’s a hefty cost. It will cost you an arm and a leg to pay for an engagement ring. Also there are a few rules when it comes to purchasing for engagement rings online.

When a man shops for engagement rings, salespeople often try to con the person by associating how much you love to how much you are willing to spend on the ring. What you should do is have a spending budget on how much you are willing to pay before you even walk in a jewelry store. The normal rule is two months’ salary. But remember this is also a guideline that the diamond industry created themselves. However it’s still a decent place to start, but then figure out your personal budget.

Besides setting a price range you must also pay attention to exactly what your partner wants. Ideally you want to get a ring that your significant other is going to love and cherish. If she would like it to be gold make sure you look at gold rings. I know it is the thought that counts but still save yourself the trouble of returning it by just making sure you know what she prefers. This can go a long way to making her pleased.

Also what you should do is bring somebody with you when you go ring shopping. When I mean buddy I don’t mean your best guy friend I mean a person who is close to your girlfriend. Usually they have better information of what your partner wants. But on the other hand make sure this human being is trust worthy and wont spill the beans. Because then your whole strategy will be ruined.

As you can see engagement rings and buying them can be hectic. There are so several things to take into consideration when making the purchase. Amongst how much you are willing to pay and what kind of stone, it can make shopping really tense. With that said if you listen to some of these tips it should help you. You have it easy though. You only have to pick a ring. Imagine if you had to choose a wedding gown.

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Alain Daniel Delgado