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What to look for in your tailor

What to look for in your tailor:Whether your fabulous new suit needs fine-tuning or youd like your own custom-designed dress shirt, it is very important to know who the best suitable tailor for you is. RecommendationOne should not hesitate toask around. Gather a list of tailors by asking around. ExperienceIts said that experience is the key to excellence. A direct and most important question: How long have you been in business? Will help you ensure that your job is in safe hands. If you want someone experienced, make sure he’s not the new business on the block.

Of course, everyone has to start somewhere, but do you want to be the one to take a chance? Next, try getting a list of clients from your tailor. There is no better reference than a satisfied customer. A list of customers from your tailor may not mean theyre all happy customers. You need to verify the same. Even if you have heard a lot about your candidate, if he is not able to provide you a list of satisfied customers, cross him of your list. Each piece of clothing designed by such tailors speaks for itself.SamplesVerifying the exact quality of a tailors work can only be done through samples. Ask if he can provide you with samples or photos of his work, and judge for yourself if this is the kind of craftsmanship youd like applied to your own clothing. Also, browse through some samples of the materials he works with.

Tailors working with good brands link Zegna, Holland and Sherry, Thomas Mason, Alumo, Dormeuil etc are likely to be very good.Good tailors can explain their style of craftsmanship very well. Questions like how much of the garment will be hand-sewn and how much will be machine-made, what exact process will be followed etc, help you make a well informed decision.VisionThe tailor you select should have an exact vision of what you really want. The main attractiveness of custom clothes comes from the fact that they are high quality clothes custom-made to suit your body structure. Tailors personal take on fashion is very important. Having your own fashion authority is a great tool to form your own sense of style.Find out whether your tailor is open or resistant to your ideas; a tailor who balks at your suggestions is not the tailor for you.Time Frame and PriceThe most important this is whether the tailor is able to deliver in your required time frame at a reasonable price. A tailor might be having great experience and giving the best possible results but if he is not able to deliver it, he is not the one for you.Check his availability and the time frame allotted to complete various projects; unrealistic, overextended time frames can be a deal-breaker.Hand-tailoring is not inexpensive and has traditionally been in the realm of the upper class, but consider this: Who do you think looks better — the guy in a $300 off-the-rack suit or the fellow in the hand-tailored $3,000 suit that drapes like a dream?There is a simple way to avoid all this searching and scrutinizing. Try