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Why Celtic Jewelry Never Goes Out of Style

Ever since the Celts began making jewelry -over two thousand years ago- it’s been loved by people everywhere. Today you can wear traditional Celtic jewelry that’s not all that different from that worn by the ancient and medieval Celts. It’s now possible to find jewelry with Celtic designs almost anywhere that sells jewelry, whether online or in stores. Celtic jewelry has such a wide appeal that it’s worth investigating some of its characteristics. Wedding Invitations can be so uniquely customized to fit your personality these days.

Some of the most used and well-known of Celtic jewelry, are the Claddagh rings, and what they are a symbol of. The rings get their name from a town in Ireland by the name of Claddagh, but no one knows if this is where the actually originated. A crown on top of a heart that is held by two hands is the impressive, simple design of the Claddagh ring.

Many people now, as in years past, use Celtic wedding rings to display their enduring affection for one another. These are usually traditional diamond rings that are decorated with Celtic knots; they may also have the claddagh symbol. These type of wedding rings are especially popular among people with an Irish background, but this isn’t necessary of course. Celtic wedding rings aren’t hard to locate, and you can find them in your area or online. If you buy from a jeweler with a large stock, you can choose all of the specifications, such as the type of metal the ring is made from, the type of stone and of course the ring size. Celtic brooches originally served the practical purpose of fastening the clothing of the Celts, both men and women. Today, however, you can find all kinds of brooches with Celtic symbols that are worn for decorative purposes. Dating back over 1300 years ago, the Tara brooch was created by the Celts and can now be found at the National Museum of Ireland. If wearing a brooch is your kind of thing, know that you are participating in an ancient tradition. It is easy to recognize a Celtic brooch because it will have Celtic knots on it.

You can get very inexpensive pieces of fashion or costume jewelry with Celtic designs, though this will not be of the best quality. Sterling silver, perfect for Celtic designs, is the best answer for those who want quality without the high cost of gold. There are many large retail sites, where you can find bargains on all types of jewelry, even Celtic.

Celtic jewelry comes in many different forms, and materials and designs, so it may take you a little time before you find what you want. This is a way to wear designs that have a fascinating and exotic look that’s at the same time simple and understated. With all of the different types of jewelry, you will be able to find something that you like. People use jewelry for many distinctive occasions, and the designs can be from any Celtic style, even knotwork.

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