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Why Cole MacGrath Shouldn’t Contemplate Marriage

In the downtrodden Empire City, the major world of the PlayStation 3 video game, “Infamous,” there isn’t much time for wedding rings to be presented or even talk of marriage to be spoke of. Life is simply a matter of outlasting when gun-toting soldiers run amok. In the middle of the chaos, though, is the main character (hero or villain depending on how the player plays him) named Cole MacGrath. Someone who doesn’t have a girl to decide on a wedding gown amidst the neighboring chaos, he’s one man who most likely will not have to so much as utter a word about marriage.

First of all, Cole is a superhero both blessed and cursed with the power of electricity. His body is akin to a live battery; so much that even taking a dive into a body of water harms him dramatically. What would happen if he were near a group of wedding rings, for example? There is no question that touching it will cause a spark of electricity that would fry the digit of a normal human being. Finding a woman who would be able to handle Cole’s abnormalities would be impossible unless the female had a contorted desire to be electrocuted.

Secondly, even the slightest bit of passionate contact with a person would only put more on Cole’s feelings of guilt. As a conductor of electricity in his own right, Cole could simply place his lips against a woman’s own and they would, no doubt, feel a jolt. Having a family would be out of the question as well, unless adoption is taken into consideration, which might not be feasible in Infamous’ dangerous world. In this event alone, marriage would be unfulfilling for Cole.

Finally, outside of his own anomalies as a superhero, Cole’s closest confidants are in constant peril. He’s not like Batman or Spider-Man where he’s able to hide his name with a changing of his voice or a mask to cover his face; Cole is simply himself. As an open superhero to the world, he doesn’t have a good chance at having a life with someone he treasures. There is no question that if Cole were to get close to a female, his greatest enemies as well as thugs would be on the hunt for her. Ultimately, Cole wouldn’t be able to have the pleasure of watching his wife walk down the aisle in her wedding gown.

Just like any other superhero that had either made his identity recognized or been found out by someone else, Cole MacGrath has very little chance of having a effective married life. His superpowers in one respect become physical limitations in another respect and marriage becomes hollow. He’s also putting his closest friends and loved ones in danger simply by being around the city, no matter how hard he fights. Just like in the game itself, Cole’s attempt at living a normal life could either make him a stronger person or a harmful conduit.

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Rob Sutter